BAdIs to handle synchronized declarations

These BAdIs are called every time a declaration is received from the International Customs Integration Engine, which is everytime there is a change in declaration.

Document typeBAdI
Purchase document/AEB/AES_ET_SYNC_07
Incoming Invoice/AEB/AES_ET_SYNC_08
Freight order/AE1/AES_ET_SYNC_09
Other collectors (manual created consignments)/AEB/AES_ET_SYNC_09
Material document/AEB/AES_ET_SYNC_10

A typical usecase for this BAdI is to write the customs registration number in further database fields in your SAP System. In the following example you can see how it is written into the SAP shipment.

    mrn_number        TYPE exti2,
    mrn_number_object TYPE REF TO /aeb/cl_01_char_35_nv.

  mrn_number_object = im_declaration->get_customs_registration_numbe( ).
  IF NOT mrn_number_object IS INITIAL.
    mrn_number = mrn_number_object->v.
    UPDATE vttk SET exti2 = mrn_number WHERE tknum = im_tknum.

If you have manual created consignments the link to the SAP document will be on item level. For that you have the possibility to access the client system ids on item level in the synchronization BADIs.
In addition you have the public class /aeb/cl_01_pb_tid_def_bc or /ae1/cl_01_pb_tid_def_bc (S4 HANA specific objects like freight order). With this class you can convert the client system id to the SAP document number to access the SAP Document.

METHOD /aeb/if_ex_aes_et_sync_09~hdl_declaration_synchronized.
    DATA: items       TYPE /aeb/if_aes_pb_decl_item_do=>tt_decl_item_do,
          curr_item   TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_aes_pb_decl_item_do,
          ids         TYPE /aeb/01_char255s,
          curr_id     TYPE /aeb/01_char255,
          curr_id_str TYPE string,
          vbeln       TYPE vbeln,
          likp        TYPE likp,
          vbrk        TYPE vbrk.

    items = im_declaration->get_items( ).
    LOOP AT items INTO curr_item.
      ids = curr_item->get_client_system_ids_v1( ).
      LOOP AT ids INTO curr_id.
        curr_id_str = curr_id.
        vbeln = /aeb/cl_01_pb_tid_def_bc=>new( )->get_sap_doc_no_from_tid( curr_id_str ).
        IF /aeb/cl_01_pb_tid_def_bc=>new( )->is_tid_from_likp( curr_id_str ) = 'X'.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM likp WHERE vbeln = @vbeln INTO @likp.
        ELSEIF /aeb/cl_01_pb_tid_def_bc=>new( )->is_tid_from_vbrk( curr_id_str ) = 'X'.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM vbrk WHERE vbeln = @vbeln INTO @vbrk.