Writing Custom Log Entries

Traceability and transparency is an important factor for customer developments. For this reason we provide public classes to create log entries into the AEB log application, so they can be seen with one look together with the standard logs by AEB. This also includes all the standard features of the AEB log applications like mail distribution and the authorization concept.



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Trade Compliance Management


AEB Connector


Carrier Connect


Product Classification


Origin & Preferences


      logger       TYPE REF TO /aeb/cl_cmp_pb_logger_bc,
      logtext      TYPE string.

    logtext = 'A fatal error occured. Please leave the building.'.

    logger = /aeb/cl_cmp_pb_logger_bc=>new( ).
    logger->create_log_critical( im_org_unit = '1000'
                                 im_ref_no   = '123'
                                 im_log_text = logtext ).