Read results of Export Controls and Risk Assessment

Export Controls

If you want to access data of the export controls checks for subsequent processes, you can use one of the following functions:

RequirementFunction module / Class
Read the whole data of the export controls check, as shown in the Export Controls Cockpit./AEB/CL_CMP_PB_EC_DATA_READ_BC
Read the approval and clearing data for items. The parameter IM_ORG_UNIT and IM_ENGN_CALL_PARAMS are optional. Both parameters will be determined by the functions itself./AEB/CMP_PB_EC_GET_CLEA_FOR
Read the history from the export controls check./AEB/CMP_PB_EC_GET_HISTORY_FOR
Read the data for a questionnaire created by an export controls check/AEB/CL_CMP_PB_QUEST_BC
Read further informations about the license. Hint: The function only has informations for licenses from license managment. Not for the general licenses from export controls. (= data service licenses)/AEB/CL_CMP_PB_EC_LIC_INFO_BC

Assuming you have released the order 5050 , item 10 and want to read the licence data from the assigned licence. In this example, the licence statement is retrieved this way:

  lic_info_bc   TYPE REF TO /aeb/cl_cmp_pb_ec_lic_info_bc,
  vbeln         TYPE /aeb/cmp_pb_doc_no,
  lic_result    TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_cmp_pb_ec_lici_res_do,
  lic_infos     TYPE /aeb/cmp_if_cmp_pb_ec_li_i_dos,
  lic_info      TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_cmp_pb_ec_lic_info_do,
  lic_statement TYPE string,
  jurisdiction  TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_cmp_pb_juri_do.

vbeln = '000005050'.
lic_info_bc = /aeb/cl_cmp_pb_ec_lic_info_bc=>new_for( vbeln ).
lic_result = lic_info_bc->get_license_info_for_item( '000010' ).
lic_infos = lic_result->get_lic_info_dos( ).
LOOP AT lic_infos INTO lic_info.
  jurisdiction = lic_info->get_jurisdiction( ).
  IF jurisdiction->get_ident_code( )->v = 'DE-EU-Plugin'. "or  'US-EAR-Plugin'
    lic_statement = lic_info->get_license_statement( ).

Handle updates of questionnaires from Risk Assessment

To handle the update event of a questionnaire you can use the following BAdIs:

Business objectBAdI
Sales document/AEB/CMP_RA_SDOC_01
Purchase document/AEB/CMP_RA_PD_01
Service order/AEB/CMP_RA_SO_01
Service transaction (S4)/AE1/CMP_RA_ST_01

Let's implement a simple scenario were we update a Z-field of VBAK with the status of the questionnaire which is linked to the sales order.

      questionnaire     TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_cmp_pb_quest_do,
      lcl_completed TYPE /aeb/01_boolean,
      total_result_type TYPE string.

    questionnaire = im_questionnaire_bc->get_questionnaire( ).

    IF questionnaire IS INITIAL.
      "Questionnaire was invalidated => no relevant results
      RETURN. "you might implement a reset here instead
    lcl_completed = questionnaire->get_is_completed( ).
    IF lcl_completed = 'X'.
      "if not completed: Old Questionnaire was invalidated but new incomplete version exists
      RETURN. "you might implement a reset here instead
    "getting the identcode for all critical results
    "  critical_results TYPE /aeb/if_cmp_pb_quest_critr_do=>tt_quest_critr_do,
    "  critical_result TYPE zraqresults-z_raq_result.
    "critical_results = questionnaire->get_critical_results( ).
    "LOOP AT critical_results INTO critical_result.
    "  critical_result = critical_result->get_identcode( ).
    "  ...
    total_result_type = questionnaire->get_total_result_type( ).

    UPDATE vbak SET zz_quest_res = total_result_type WHERE vbeln = im_vbeln.

Just use the passed parameter im_questionnaire_bc to get the questionnaire. Get the total result type and update the VBAK table. In this context the table is locked so no other process can change it.
If you don't want to use a direct SQL update Statement to update your SAP document, but an officially released Bapi from SAP like BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE there are a few things which you have to consider. Bapis like BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE call the user exits/BAdIs where the online check is typically implemented, which means an additional Compliance check is triggered when calling the SAP Bapi. In most cases, this check is not needed, as the AEB standard also does a recheck of the SAP document after the HDL_QUESTIONNAIRE_UPDATED BAdI is called.
To prevent that the Bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE triggers an online check there is an public helper class (/AEB/CL_CMP_PB_CHK_HP) which is also an importing parameter of the BAdI method. This class has the method SUPPRESS_CHECK which has to be called before every Bapi call and the method RESET_SUPPRESS_CHECK which enables the check again for the next Bapi call. A recommended use of the Bapi in this BAdI implementation would therefore look like the following:

    return           TYPE TABLE OF bapiret2,
    order_header_in  TYPE bapisdh1,
    order_header_inx TYPE bapisdh1x.

  im_public_check_helper->suppress_check( ).

  order_header_in-purch_no_c = '0815'.
  order_header_inx-purch_no_c = 'X'.
  order_header_inx-updateflag = 'U'.

      salesdocument    = im_vbeln
      order_header_in  = order_header_in
      order_header_inx = order_header_inx
      return           = return.

      wait = 'X'.
  im_public_check_helper->reset_suppress_check( ).

Please note that you also need to call the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT so that the data you have changed can also be used by our following Compliance check, or else the check would still check the old data.
If you would like to implement some checks and would like to raise an error you can raise the exception like in the following code example.

raise EXCEPTION type /AEB/CX_cmp_pb_quest_sc
    		EXPORTING _badi_name = 'ZCL_IM_AEB_RA_SDOC_01'
                  _error_msg_string = 'Handle questionnaire not possible'
                  textid = /aeb/cx_cmp_pb_quest_sc=>hdl_questionnaire_upd_failed.