Further Export Controls functions

There are some additional function modules for export controls:

Delete the Export Controls result/AEB/CMP_DELETE_EC_FOR_VBELN
Do a custom EC check, returning the total result/AEB/CMP_PB_EC_BO_CHK_COMPLEX
Do a custom EC check, and get the result (critical or not) back./AEB/CMP_PB_EC_BO_CHK_SIMPLE
Delete approvals / clearings for reference/AEB/CMP_PB_EC_DELETE_CLEA_FOR
Add additional customs data to the approval/AEB/CMP_PB_EC_ADD_CI_FOR_DLV
Finalize approval and add customs data/AEB/CMP_PB_EC_ATL_FIN_FOR_DLV
Finalize approval/AEB/CMP_PB_EC_FIN_FOR_DLV

And at least you have the option adapt the function to jump to material from the Export Controls Cockpit via the BADI /AEB/CMP_EC_CP_01.