Getting started

This API documentation will help you to understand the basic concepts of the Product Classification plug-in for SAP and provides code snippets that explain how you can implement adaptions.

Let us start with the object model we're using in Product Classification. The main business object is the material. The following diagram shows the relation between the material and all other objects.


Please keep two things in mind, when you working with the plug-in:
1. Organizational unit
Only materials which are assigned to an origanizational unit will be transferred to Product Classification.
2. Product group
Every material needs to be assigned to a product group. A missing product group will lead to errors.

Both criterias are also used in the configuration to assign certain functionality and authorizations.

The SAP plug-in for Product Classification provides two main functions:

  • Transfer material records to Product Classification
  • Read material data from Product Classification and synchronize it back to the SAP master data

What's Next

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