Basic concept of transfer material

The transfer of a material is splitted several parts. The following diagram shows those parts.

Things to doExampleConfigurable?Custom Code
Determine organizational unitCan be assigned by plant or by sales org or just by client.YesNo
Determine engine clientThe engine client is assigned to the organizational unit, but it is possible to assign the same engine client to multiple organizational units.YesNo
Determine product groupProduct group can be assigned by material type and material category.YesYes
Collect material dataProvides all collected data which is to be transfered for the material.YesYes
Check classification valuesThe plug-in sends only classification values again, if there were changes since the last update. Otherwise existing changes in Product Classification could be overwritten.Yes, /AEB/TA_WORK_IN_PROCESS_INIT has a flag where you disable/enable this behavior. In context of saving materials it is enabled by default. You cannot change this.No
Check is material to be deletedThe material exists in SAP, but should not exist in Product Classification.NoNo
Transfer material dataThe web service is called and the result will be handled, logs written etc.NoNo

What's Next

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