Change the data to check (SCR)

You also have the possibiltity to adapt the data to be checked by screening.

BAdI nameBAdI description
/AEB/CMP_SALES_DC_04Exclusion of Partners in Sales doc checks
/AEB/CMP_SALES_DC_05Which partner no. to take (cust. or vend.) in sales doc.
/AEB/CMP_DLV_DC_04Which partner no. to take (cust. or vend.) in delivery doc.
/AEB/CMP_SALES_DC_07Screening sales document: After standard filling
/AEB/CMP_DLV_DC_07Screening delivery: After standard filling
/AEB/CMP_PURCH_DC_03Screening purchase document: After standard filling
/AEB/CMP_CUSTOMER_05Screening customer: After standard filling
/AEB/CMP_DP_DESCR_01Determination of origin of an address
/AEB/CMP_DP_DESCR_02Determination of type of an address
/AEB/CMP_BUS_PRT_08Business Partner: After standard filling

Here is an example implementation for an After standard filling BAdI to add an address id. An addess id can for example be a passport number, tax number or DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number (and more).

      address_ids TYPE /aeb/cmp_pb_address_id_dos,
      address_id  TYPE REF TO /aeb/if_cmp_pb_address_id_do.

    address_id = im_data_object_factory->new_cmp_pb_adress_id_do(
                   im_id_type  = 'PASSPORT_NO'
                   im_id_value = '7453987234' ).
    APPEND address_id TO address_ids.
    ch_doc_partners[ 1 ]-ids = address_ids.