Change Data before export

After standard filling BAdIs

Every exported business object has two BAdIs which are executed depending on the chosen target interface. The BAdI contains the method 'AFTER_STD_FILLING' which is executed after the data for the target interface is collected and before the data is sent. Each BAdI contains its corresponding data object which is to be changed, the header data of the corresponding business object and two factories. The IM_NULLABLE_VALUE_FACOTRY can be used to generate so called Nullable Values (see Determination and allocation of value ). The IM_AS4CO_DATA_OBJECT_FACTORY can be used to generate objects used in the interface.

BAdI NameBusiness ObjectTarget Interface
/AEB/CT_EXP_SDV_01DeliveryExport consignment
/AEB/CT_EXP_SDV_02DeliveryDelivery note
/AEB/CT_EXP_INV_01InvoiceExport consignment
/AEB/CT_EXP_INV_02InvoiceDelivery note
/AEB/CT_EXP_SHP_01ShipmentExport consignment
/AEB/CT_EXP_SHP_02ShipmentDelivery note